January 11, 2013

:the one where the little one has a super power:

oh little one of mine, tiny in stature and frame. how did we get here so quickly? do tell, little one, what is the secret to slowing time? what is the secret to holding on, remembering all?

everything within my mama heart wants to remember how you wrinkle your nose when you smile. not a tooth in sight, gums for miles, brighten a whole room. quite the task for such a little bit. you say your daddy's name all day long but we both know you are mama's girl. don't worry, i'll never tell.

just when did you turn crawling into sport? heaven knows you'd win any race set before you. oh and thank you so much for keeping my floors so clean. what you don't get with your clothes you happily pick up with you itty-bity fingers and place carefully into your mouth. spotless, i tell you, spotless.

i love to see your little bottom upright. you cruise from furniture piece to furniture peace. you want to take a step but it's just too darn scary at the moment. that's okay, no rush, lets just take it slow, shall we?

in case you didn't know it, little one, your eyes are your super power. like kryptonite, they disable even the strongest of foes. you can thank your daddy for that lovely gift. his are the same and mommy is powerless against them.

we will celebrate your first birthday next month. i'm already planning your party. all of your favorite people we be there. all giving thanks for the glorious gift of one year with you, our sweet jarius baby.

forever loving you,


  1. I love how blogs can serve as your own personal memory keeper. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Somehow, until now, I missed her middle name! My baby girl--8mths now---is Mae Elizabeth. Love the Mae!!! :)


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