January 9, 2013

:the one where he darts by and i notice:

god darts by, sometimes i notice.
-lauren f. winner

it's subtle. you miss him if you aren't looking for him. i didn't see him at all the first time i watched  the movie Fight Club. yet the entire movie is seasoned with flashes of his image. only a glimpse. when you least expect it. there he is.


i whipped my mini van in the drive way as he was getting out of his truck. we waved and said hello. he must have realized it had been a while since our last chit-chat, neighborly small talk, so he turned and asked, "how was your christmas?" 

i responded short and sweet assuming he wasn't interested in the details. he proceeded to tell me of a family he knew. "they didn't have a tree or presents or anything, so i just brought them all to my house and we celebrated together."

i see Him.

they have named her , though she isn't ours, cheetah. like cheetara from thunder cats. cheetah is black and gold swirl, plump, obviously cared for by someone, somewhere in our neighborhood. she shows up at our door every morning beckoning the children to play. they place their noses against the door to say hello and beg to join her on the porch in twenty degree weather. they pet her and talk to her and love her like their own.

eisley asked me one day, "why would she stay, we don't have a gate or anything?"
"love baby. she stays because you love her," was my response.

i see Him.

the washer breaks the day before baby girl comes down with stomach flu. to my rescue come gracious women who help me wash and fold my clothes.

i see Him. 

he wants to play trains, she wants to play barbies. more than anything they want to play together. compromise. peace.

i see Him. 

notice with me, won't you?

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  1. I really loved this post. It is so easy to miss Jesus in the small things. I am sometimes so busy looking for the next BIG thing he is going to do. But every day is a BIG thing. His mercies are new every morning. Great reminder to look in the small.


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