January 23, 2013

:the one where i claim my mama mantra:

today i will answer the first time they call my name.
today i will not say in just a minute.
today i will say yes more than i say no.
today i will sit in the floor more than i stand in the kitchen.
today i will create with my children.
today i will tell that story they love to hear over and over again.
today i will read extra books.

today i will snuggle longer.
today i will not be bothered with laundry.
today i will chase them around the house.

today i will tickle them until their cheeks turn red.
today i will instigate a pillow fight.
today i will play hide and seek.
today i will make memories. 

what will you do with your day?

"our whole life is but a greater and longer childhood"
-benjamin franklin


  1. love this, melissa! :) (and your little ones are too cute!!)

  2. So beautiful. Today I will spend time doing what he wants to do and laughing with him.

  3. Love this girl. So beautiful. You can never go wrong when you spend your day making memories with your kids...
    Today, I'm carving out time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and I'm already blessed by the insight and wisdom I've gained from our wonderful community we share. love you.xo


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