January 21, 2013

:the one where we NEED the hard days:

motherhood, like an ocean, swells and overcomes at times. navigation difficult, with the sweeping of currents resembling tiny faces in need of attention. i am no master of the sea. captain by default, putting my best foot forward as i stumble along. it can be a lonely place on the sea of perfection. when you think everyone else has it all together. you, certainly, the only one pulling out the life boat.

there are lessons to be learned in the hard days of motherhood.

it is in the hard days that i realize my undying need for grace and the infinite supply at my disposal. 

like the son who fell into the trenches of nothingness. returning to his father expecting shame for his failures, receiving grace instead, so it is with motherhood.

there are days where it feels as though all we have to give is squandered. no value left. nothing to show for the day spent. yet there is grace. abundant grace.

and a new day coming with no mistakes in it yet.

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  1. Love this post, Melissa! Thanks for sharing it on Miscellany Monday! That's where I found it! A Beautiful reminder, and eloquently written! =)

  2. we do need them. today was one of the hard ones. tomorrow is anew, grace abounds. praise the Lord.

  3. Yes. Grace. I feel like that is the theme for my life right now. Realizing my desperate need for it. And slowly realizing that perfection isn't the goal... and believing it. Love your words as always!

  4. I love new days as that means everything I did the day before is forgive and I can start afresh - but then I step out of bed.
    Grace - a necessity in parenting.

  5. Awww love this and that line where you feel like your pulling out the life boat... I feel that way all the time!! Beautifully written

  6. It's the middle of the night. I got up because of my 19 month old screaming. Then the 2 month old needed to be fed. So she's eating and i'm reading your post that brings tears to my eyes.


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