January 28, 2013

:the one where i meet her in the small moments:

it's a gentle nudge in the moments before the sun has topped the trees. a calling of sorts. there was a time when it was something to be checked off my list. devotions? check. prayer? check. now it is like a friend waiting with coffee in hand to hear about my best and worst moments. she leans in as i whisper the things that haunt my soul, my struggles. her brows furrow as she takes in every word, branding them on her heart. when i cry, she cries. when i laugh, she laughs. she nods her head as i pour out. she's been there. she's walked this road before.

she reminds me of her love and the folly of it all.
that is why i meet her in the morning.

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*just writing with heather the eo


  1. lovely.
    i so relate to it once something i checked off my to-do list, but now it is a friend.

  2. so beautifully written. all of your posts are. I've def been nosy!
    I feel like this could be interpreted in so many ways...one's bible, one's journal, one's day planner, even one's view off a porch. people find their answers and comfort from so many various sources, I love how you expressed yours.

  3. So eloquent! I loved it. I wish I could be an early riser and meet my journal in the morning {along with the Bible} to take time for myself. I just am more of a night owl than an early bird.

  4. I'm trying to find the discipline to do this in the AM. Each night, I am sketchy, depending on how tired I am. Thanks for the motivation.


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