October 15, 2012

:the one where they are best friends:

you're best friends, i say, as they bicker and fuss. most days they resist it as they are learning to tame human nature of self first. today they did not.

they played for more than an hour peacefully outside. more than an hour may not be a milestone for many but i count it as riches in this house. i praise them and Him for peace and love lived out in my little ones. for truth spoken coming to fruition in their actions.

some days they yell and hit and taddle a lot. but not this day. this day they laughed and chased and compromised. they built a nest for their dinosaurs in the tree just outside the backdoor while i mopped floors and chased the little one around, smothering her with kisses. i made them lunch and they congregated together on that tree stump sharing stories and conversation, theirs for the keeping.

no qualms.
no disputes.
no entitlement.
just a meal.
broken bread.

i learn from them daily.

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  1. What a cute picture of them eating out by the stump! It is always nice to have someone to dream with, even if it is about dinosaur nests. :)


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