August 10, 2012

::the one where six months went too fast::

your daddy was off at the Wild Goose Festival when i realized you were on your way. i couldn't bring myself to tell him over the phone. i needed to see his expression and experience the joy of baby number three right with him. that man and me, we are thick as thieves you shall soon see little one.

you were my toughest pregnancy. i don't blame you. i blame age and gravity. yes they are defnitely the culprits. them and that pesky liver malfunctioning making the thought of jumping off a building appealing as opposed to the non. stop. itching. all over my body.

you came into the world beautifully, one push, then you were mine to hold.

our family lavished you with love and i spent the night nursing and cuddling you. the next morning our world flipped upside down as your stability came into question. the sting is fresh when i think back to those moments of uncertainty. yet as i look at you now in the high chair, eyes wide watching me, grace flows.

you radiate joy and contentment. i hold you close and breathe it in along with the glory of His endless mercy. we are telling this story of Him and us and them and you have joined right along making your mark. you pointed my heart toward Him from day one and have continued ever since.

you belly laugh and squeal loud finding your voice. you watch eisley and durgin, learning lessons daily. they love you and you love them and you will be best friends. you love the yummy foods i make for you, squash, sweet potato, carrots and bananas so far. you had a slow start but you are taking off and finally have some chub on your short little legs. no teeth yet but plenty of slobber and gnawing to let us know they are on their way.

we love you little one. all six months of you.

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  1. So adorable! You are so blessed. I love her big bright eyes!


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