August 8, 2012

:the one where we remove training wheels:

she did every thing on her list and gave herself a check. so proud. a kindergartner now. it's interesting how labels affect our self-image. i officially gave her the title monday and she is already so different. so mature, ready to fulfill her role as a kindergartner. no longer a four year old. no longer a preschooler, but five, a kindergartner and a very big deal.

words are powerful.

my little one received the label kindergartner and acted accordingly.

she requested her training wheels be removed because kindgergartner's do not need training wheels. i quickly let her know that she would probably fall and that it was totally normal and completely okay. everyone falls. just jump back up and hop back on, i told her. jacob ran beside her a couple of times holding her steady and then off she went. then down she went. she looked back to me with a is this what you were talking about mom? look. my response, shake it off baby, hop back on there! not long after she got the hang of it and began to ride all over the place unassisted. we hopped around the yard yelling and cheering at her great accomplishment. she beamed with enthusiasm.

i took the little ones in for a bath and eisley came in a bit later. she came to me with a piece of paper and said she made a picture for me with. her. blood. yet she was still super excited because she had done something big. we were proud and she knew it. our joy spilled over onto her and hers onto us. at the end of the night we were full and thankful.


  1. i so remember this with my daughter, yay!!! Such an exciting time and transition, congrats!

  2. So exciting! I am dying over here thinking about her picture with her own blood. Kids think of some crazy things. I am so proud of her! No training wheels is quite the accomplishment.


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