August 6, 2012

:the one where i have a kindergartner:

it's here. it's really here. my first born, paver of the way for her younger siblings, is a kindergartner. this full of passion, lover of life, five year old gets to officially begin her journey of learning to read and reading to learn and loving to learn and learning to love.

she is thrilled that i will be her teacher and tells me often that she is sad to go to college because i won't be there. i assure her that i will be tagging along much like lorelai gilmore did with her daughter rory when she went off to college. i will be the cool mom that orders take out from local dives for all of her friends and roommates and smoothes the transistion to home away from home.

this journey is not hers but ours. i will walk along side her, leading her, gently guiding her along the way. we will fall down together. pick one another up, dust off the dirt of mistakes and press on together.

this is just the beginning little one, and i could not be more thrilled to be right here with you!

{happy first day of school}


  1. Enjoy the first day of your new adventure together!

    Mary Beth

  2. such an awesome time!!! im your newest follower from the miscellany hop.
    i was just looking through my little girls kinder photos at a friends house yesterday. they were so tiny and so ready for it all!

  3. it's hard to believe how fast the time does go, isn't it!? So you are a homeschool-er, right?
    Awww she's beautiful!!! And I so remember my daughter saying something very similar about me not being there when she's off to college, etc...but well, let's just say, they are ready to leave when 17 rolls around:/

  4. I have had two kids go through this day. I tell you I think it was harder for me than them. I don't want to get to the day I will have to send my last child off. They are simply growing up too fast. Found your blog through Carissa's. New follower here :)

  5. Melissa! This is so great! I love it. I'm totally feeling like I better do something to make the start of this year special. Blogging about it right now actually, ha! And totally linking to this post. Love ya, lady!!

  6. what sweet pictures! how precious that you get to be her teacher. my oldest is going to 3 year preschool and i'm a hot mess over it!

  7. What a sweet, sweet post! I'm a new follower :) Starting school is such a big step... somehow it feels like they're not "little" anymore. My oldest started K last year... sounds like you're homeschooling too?


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