August 20, 2012

:the one where we celebrate for no reason at all:

we woke up to rain, the kind that hangs around all day. plans to spend the day in the mountains postponed. we were all disappointed so jacob built the best fort ever and we dreamed we were camping as our lady bug gave us a star filled sky. we wished on the stars and watched our wishes come true.

we read books and played cars. we played play dough and we played play dough some more. we painted. we filled our moments with play and art until play and art no longer satisfied. the grumpies came for a visit and they refused to leave.

there was nothing left to do except celebrate. how can the grumpies stay if we celebrate?

supplies were gathered: pretty cardstock, toothpicks, double sided tape and white powdered donuts. i cut out a cute little flag shape from the cardstock and glued two sides together with a toothpick in the middle. it made our little treat all the more special. and it sent the grumpies marching on their least for a little while.

how do you make the grumpies disappear at your house?

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