July 10, 2012

::the one where we homeschool::

I drove past it daily, steering wheel white knuckled. A pit in my stomach turned to nausea as I thought of her tiny body toting a backpack bigger than her torso into that building that housed so many children. Seven hours per day, five days per week, for 180 weeks every year that I would not have with my children.

Having attended public school, homeschooling had never crossed my mind. Like most people I grouped homeschoolers together picturing them like those denim overhaul wearing children portrayed in the beginning of the movie Mean Girls.

Many times in the three years that my best friend, a former private school teacher, has been homeschooling, the question has been raised by her children, "will you homeschool Eisley?" My response was always "no," with a hint of condescension attached. With time my heart and desires for my family changed and here we are headed full force into our homeschooling journey.

As a newbie I have been reaching out to anyone and everyone who can offer wisdom in this area.

She sat across from me, legs tucked under, leaning into our conversation. Eleven years of homeschooling under her belt and three well-rounded respectful children to show for it. When asked why she chose this path, this lifestyle, she explained with a full heart what led her to this place. Excitement oozed as she spoke of her journey.

Feeling encouraged and motivated, in my most type-A form, a list emerged. A weapon of sorts for the days when self-doubt creeps in and threatens to steal the joy that is parenting and for us, homeschooling.

Belief that my children will receive a superior education from the one-on-one interaction that will take place.

Belief that character is equally as important as intellect and both can be nurtured in the home.

Belief that we can encourage our child's interest and individuality.

Belief that we can cater to our child's learning styles.

Belief that strong family bonds will be formed.

Belief that this is what is best for our family at this time.

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  1. I would love to hear more of your thought process on this! Have never ever ever considered homeschooling, but we're in a place where maybe (maybe?) we're leaving the country in a couple of months and I just don't know that I can send my kindergartner and 4th grader into ANOTHER brand new school for only a month or two... but then I google homeschool and have a panic attack.


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