July 3, 2012

::the one where I carry their hearts::

I watched from afar as early morning sunlight danced across the rippling waves like diamonds. She walked to the surf and back to her bucket several times. Her imagination at work was obvious. I watched as legs that once fit the span of my lap, chubby and pale, were now long, strong and tan. Hair that once curled tight and short, now hung wavy in a pony tail with golden highlights, a gift from the sun.

The boy played in a tide pool just in front of me. A new found love, his goggles and the dead mans float. Not so much a favorite of mine as he can hold his breath for a remarkably long time causing slight palpitations and near panic in this old mama.
The surf was strong wanting the ocean in all it's fullness to have us. We swam, played and fought our way back to shore, down the beach to our belongings. We laughed and made memories and realized vacations are not made for relaxing with three little ones.

Jacob and I slipped away one evening for a walk on the beach, just the two of us. The wind was harsh, left over from Debbie, who was a bit determined to steal our sunshine the entire week. We laughed as we had to turn our heads to the side to hear what the other was saying. We held hands. I pulled him close by his arm, finding myself thankful for love, laughter and romance after eleven years. Someone asked us to take a photo of them, he told me to do it because of my mad photography skills. Embarrassment came quickly as I did not know how to work the camera on their phone. It doesn't lead to defensiveness any more. I've outgrown that. Now I simply laugh at my imperfections and he acts like he doesn't notice. He chased crazy fast albino sand crabs as dusk took over. I feared for my toes as they were hard to see for the average onlooker and lord knows age continues to steal my vision. We washed our feet, returned to our room, tucking away another memory, another moment that is the glue that holds us strong.
I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.
E.E. Cummings


  1. beautiful, Melissa. & I love that e.e. cummings quote.

  2. love this post...you always have such beautiful ways of putting things!

    happy tuesday!


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