June 27, 2012

::is it really limitless?::

It's still so clear in my mind. I was in the backseat while Jacob drove and a friend rode shotgun. The phone rang. Jacob turned to me and said "do you know anything about a letter being sent out from us?"

I didn't know anything about it.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, this letter.
Tears flowed for days, weeks, months even.
Traces of bitterness remain.

Why do we do this as believers? Hurting one another in the name of Jesus. Looking past the times that Jesus said emphatically to love god and love others.

Limitless grace.

This is the life Jesus lived.

Zacchaeus, the tax collector, also known as a thief. Jesus spent time with him and after he did Zacchaeus was different. He gave half of his stuff to the poor and paid back all he had stolen. There is no record of Jesus demanding this. Grace changed him.

Jesus told the story about the son who went astray. After he had made many mistakes and had nothing left, the son came home. When his dad saw him, he ran to meet him and received him with grace.

The woman caught in adultery should have been stoned according to the law.
It. Was. The. Law.
Yet, Jesus called the accusers to reflect on themselves before holding this woman accountable. She met grace and she was never the same.

The forgiveness offered by Jesus had no strings attached. No conditions. Just grace. Endless, boundless grace.

May we live in this grace today.


  1. I've recently forgave someone for a hurtful letter they sent me that sent me into the deepest darkest depression ever, Not only did their words sting my heart and soul, but they were words from another believer, a sister in christ, but I can honestly say I forgave her and now when we hang out I don't even remember the letter, it is wiped from my memory

  2. So thankful for His truly amazing grace. xo, friend.

  3. This post really touched me. I totally believe that forgiveness can really set us free.


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