June 11, 2012

::I can slow time::

I find myself counting down the days to our beach trip and realize I am counting away the days of her last summer before she is officially "in school."

Eighteen Summers.

That is all I get before my little ones venture out on their own. Eighteen. And I have thirteen left. I don't want to wish away days or hours or minutes or moments. They all mean something. They all have purpose and are part of this journey. Lessons to be learned. Memories to be made. Laughter to be shared.

I can slow time.

By relishing in the moments. Wrapping myself in them like a warm blanket on a chilly morning. Letting them wash over me until I am wholly in.

I can slow time.

By turning up the music and dancing around the kitchen, not a care in the world except bouncing the baby on my hip too much. The clock ticks slower as tiny feet move around mine and arms reach up for twirling. Breathing heavier and laughter inevitable.

I can slow time.

As I learn to let my home be lived in. Accepting that it will never be spic and span regularly with little ones. Learning that skipping out the door to the pool, or a bike ride or the library are more important that breakfast dishes or mommy showers.

I can slow time.

By reading one more book.
By playing in their rooms for endless hours.
By being the tow truck that pulls their car out of the grass.
By building forts with every blanket we own.
By letting them splash me soaked from the kiddie pool.
By giving them my undivided attention at every opportune moment.

I can slow time.
Can you?


  1. Yes, slow the time. It will run away from you before you even have time to blink!


    www.moretobe.com & www.pnpcoaching.com

  2. This was wonderful. I found you through Better Mom Mondays link up, and I'm so glad I did. I needed this today. :) So, thank you. I can slow time too. I will be more intentional in the moment. <3

    With love, Rebecca



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