May 21, 2012

::the one where urine heals ear aches::

Her cries immediately caught my attention. She had been asleep for hours and woke up sweaty, holding her hand over her ear. She had an ear ache. That moment took me whirling back to my childhood and hours of lost sleep due to the pain of ear aches.

As a child I wasn't rushed to the doctor with every cough and sniffle. If I was sick with a cold or stomach ache that meant a comfy spot on the couch with tv and ginger ale and Campbell's chicken noodle soup. However, an ear ache demanded a top secret remedy that involved my urine in my tiny smurf mushroom house topper. It wasn't until years later that I realized urine wasn't one ingredient it was THE ingredient. Yes I agree, disgusting. As a child I cried buckets of tears wishing away the pain that held my body captive, refusing to let sleep in until it's ransom had been paid.

Eisley's tears came in waves in between bursts of laughter as her daddy & I shared anything and everything that might turn her mourning to laughter. she asked me repeatedly when will it stop mommy? Jacob and I shared the same thoughts as we lay beside our sweet girl in her twin bed containing every single stuffed animals and baby doll she owns.

If we could take her pain we absolutely would.

Eisley looked to me with eyes swollen red from crying and said, Mommy, can you ask Jesus to make it stop hurting?

So I did.

He's used to that. His father asked the same thing of him. Will you make the hurting stop? This pain caused by sin and hopelessness. Will you make it better?

So He did.

*just writing with heather today


  1. In nursing school we learned that urine cured ear infections because of how sterile it was.
    I'm so sorry your babe isnt well :(

  2. I hope you peed in that poor girl's ear!!!

  3. Poor child! Awww, when my daughter was 4 her ear drum ruptured and it was like the worst pain of her life, just awful awful...I know she's better now through IG:)


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