April 23, 2012

::todays moments are tomorrows memories::

the alarm sounds, and by alarm i mean a hungry baby, and the day begins. i feed, burp, snuggle and put her back down for an early morning nap. shower and throw on work out clothes hoping i get time to sneak one in for the day. next up, coffee, reading and writing and maybe some laundry cause lord knows that stuff won't fold itself.

the little guy wakes first, cheerios, his daily request. potty break on the way to the breakfast table, where he refuses to pee-pee in the potty. he sits. i sit. he wins.

my princess likes her morning snooze so i start her entry into daylight with a little rendition of "the cows get up in the morning," to which she wiggles and squirms and emerges either ms. grumpy pants or ms. happy face. i hold my breath for the latter. when she is finally ready to get out of bed we go to the breakfast table where her brother joyfully shouts "goomornin' eisley!" ms. grumpy pants inevitably rears her ugly head and in total rebellion eisley will not reciprocate his excitement. this only fuels his passion to brighten her morning, "speak to me eisley!! speak to me!!" she finally does speak but it always takes time and several words of encouragement from mommy.

durgin finishes breakfast and before i can get him dressed, or remember to take him back to the potty, he pees in the floor. i put him in the bath to wash off and proceed to get him dressed.  whew. one down.

next up, the princess, and she is in no mood for clothing other than her pj's, she is so her mothers child. i pursuade her to get dressed and talk about how fun preschool will be today and we talk about her friends there. "who will you reach out to today coop?" she rattles off names of children she can include and bless during her day.

i put the smallest peanut in the floor to enjoy the company of the brother she already adores. a third child, so laid back, easy, only demanding a meal every three hours. winning everyone she encounters with her new ability to flash a smile, open mouth, only gums.

these are the days. moments strung together making the best of memories.
todays moments are tomorrows memories.

i'd love to hear some of your daily moments that you hold as precious memories.

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