April 20, 2012

::the moving forward::

i sit on a blanket made by his grandmother. years of love passed down. legacy.
birds chirp from tree to tree.
mowers hum.
children play.
rohen snores.
i write.

soaking it all in. trying to remember with words these moments of bliss. moments i never dreamed would be mine. i never knew it could be this good.  this is family. my heart walking around outside of my body ready to break me at any moment but totally worth the risk.

i look on as the man of my dreams, the one they call daddy, teaches her the perfect technique for building sand castles and the little guy how to stack wood just so for a bon fire. all the while i am wondering how i got so lucky.

descendant of brokenness. anger and hatred.
moving forward to a life of love, fullness and joy.

 I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.
john 10:10 [MSG]


  1. beautiful! This family thing is rather amazing huh?

  2. Awesome words. I feel the same about my hubby. Looking back from where I came from and looking towards our very bright future with our King. LOVE!


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