April 24, 2012

::i dream for you::

motherhood changes a woman from the inside out.  stretching and reshaping in preparation for whats to come and what will never be the same. motherhood creeps into the creavises of a full heart and makes room for more. more love. more joy. more passion. more hope. and more dreams.

motherhood makes a dreamer out of a realist.

to my children, i dream for you.

i dream of happiness in knowing your are loved.
i dream of laughter to warm your soul.
i dream of love, unconditional and eternal.
i dream of friendships that last a lifetime.
i dream of your mark in the world.
i dream of you standing for the oppressed.
i dream of you recognizing injustices.
i dream of you meeting needs.
i dream of you putting others first.
i dream of you doing big and small things with great love.
i dream of you living like jesus.
i dream of you going places i've never been.
i dream of you exploring new ideas and finding your way.

should you take a different path than what i dream for you, know this...

you are loved. always. no matter what.
mommy loves you and i am in your corner.

*just writing with heather the eo today


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.