March 23, 2012

::the one where i worship with dr. dre and eminem::

her words jumped off the page as i pushed hard on the eliptical pedals and dr. dre's i need a doctor played loud in my ears.
"Not knowing what else to do. I immediately laid my hands on her and began to pray. Within minutes my six little girls were huddled around the bed also lifting their voices to the Lord on behalf of this little girl. Different sizes, different ages, different races, speaking different languages, each of us in our own way pleaded with God for this little girl's life."

the girl was sick and the doctors stumped.
prayer was the answer.

"Although her baffled physicians had done nothing to help her. I went to see her one day and found her condition remarkably improved. The next day she was alert and able to have a conversation with me, and her pain seemed much less severe. The next day she was sitting and laughing, her stomach much less distended.

When I asked the doctors what they had done, they insisted they had done nothing. They believed she was better because we had touched her. I assured them that wasn't possible, but it was definitely possible that she was better because Jesus had touched her through someone who asked Him to do so."

each time i encounter a story of healing i am encouraged. my faith grows.
like the one about the man who bought a pistol and declared this his last christmas.
and the one about this little darling.
i do believe. help my unbelief, lord.
His stories...our stories...they help our unbelief.

do you have a story of healing? can you help my unbelief?

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  1. INcredible!!!!!!!! Tell me, what am I missing, healing in what Melissa?

    Have you ever read the book Is God To Blame? by Greg Boyd? It's helped me with SUFFERING QUESTIONS, HEALING QUESTIONS it's amazing. It's the book that provided me peace during my infertility and helped me come to terms with the fact that I couldn't have children with my husband..


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