March 20, 2012

::hello mornings::

dear morning, i welcome you.
i wake when she wiggles. no alarm clock needed.
daylight savings grants me an extra hour of sleep from the big kids.

big kids?
seems funny to write when they are but five and nearly three.

i feed, burp and snuggle the little one while coffee brews strong and fills the air with its come-and-get-me-i-will-get-you-through-this-day aroma. she looks around wide-eyed with curiosity at all that is new. she hears her daddy's voice and searches hard for his face.

she knows me and i know her and this is love in its purest form.
she has no expectations of me and i have none of her.

the big kids wake and run to their bowl of cheerios. they chat, argue and watch the birds out the kitchen door. rust-bellied robins visit our porch and we tip-toe to the door for a closer look.

these are mornings in our home.
our sweet season of little ones under our feet.
i drink it in and overflow with gratitude.

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  1. Lovely picture of a grace-filled morning. I'm still learning about expectation and its place in love. Good morning. :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect morning! :)

  3. love this post! so beautifully written!
    mornings spent with our children are such a blessings!

  4. Oh Melissa, I realize why I missed you so when there wasn't a pot from you in a while, it's clear to me why I look up to your and admire your writing. The way you word things see things and express them comfort me and make me smile. Thank you, don't ever quit writing!

  5. What beautiful imagery. I love those early morning moments of sweetness, no matter how tough they can be on me sometimes. Its funny, we haven't set an alarm since my son was born over a year ago and have yet to "oversleep" :-)

  6. Such a pretty picture of mornings with your sweet family. I look forward to times like this. :)


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