March 19, 2012

::learning to care more for his people and less about my floors::

my head nearly hit the roof of the 15 passager van as we drove deep into the mountains of mexico. the path could hardly be considered a road. completely dirt with pot holes knee-deep and bumps knee-high.

it was nearly dark when we approached the small town. dinner waited for us, meat, beans and rice. a table was set for us, the guests of honor. all taking place in a one room cinder block home with one light bulb that hung from make-shift wires.

i was excited for the meat as beans and rice were growing old. as i began to chew...and chew...and chew...the excitement left me. i whispered to the director of our group,
"what is this?" he replied, "goat." i managed to get that bite to my stomach and then discreetly traded him for his plate with no meat.

the family gathered outside to eat their dinner. they considered it an honor to have us and gave us their table inside as a gift. the floors were dirt, the table wooden along with the bench we sat on. there was a mattress along the far corner where the entire family of seven slept each night.

the woman of the house came in to check on us several times trying to refill our plates. she was loving and kind. she gave us her all. she wasn't concerned with dirt floors and a barely functional kitchen. she wasn't bothered by the size of her home and the accommodations she had to offer. she simply opened her home and lavished us with love.

dirty floors do not matter to a mama that needs encouragement. dishes in the sink may only bring comfort to the mama that is overwhelmed. overflowing laundry? who doesn't get behind from time to time (or day to day in my case)?

this is life.
this is motherhood.
let's simply look past it all, pour a hot cup of coffee and have a conversation. whadda ya say?

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  1. Sounds perfect to me. We'll sweep together and then do some serious playing!

  2. These situations really help put things in perspective, don't they? Thanks for sharing your insights. Where in NC do you live? We have a Christian writers' group in Concord if you live in the Charlotte area.

  3. That sweet woman must have considered it a privilege to have you all at her house. And I love that she wasn't worried about how you would view her--only about taking care of you. What a beautiful example of true hospitality! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have a very similar experience in Nepal. So cool!


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