January 25, 2012

::what friendship looks like::

we hugged and giggled at finally being able to catch up.
we talked for over an hour non-stop about babies, life and the loves of our lives.
we cried and laughed and ooed and ahhed.
we delighted in each others blessings.
we sympathized with each other aches and pains.
we opened our hearts, no judgement, just a welcome platform to stand on.
we asked questions and shared opinions.

i walked away encouraged.
i walked away excited.
i walked away not missing the hour spent.
i walked away anticipating the next time we meet.

friendship at its best.

"a friend is someone with whom i may be sincere. before him i may think aloud."
-ralph waldo emerson

tell me your secret to cultivating friendships?


  1. my secret: trust each other.
    LOVE this blog!

  2. The ability to speak truth in love (and receive the truth in love)


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