January 18, 2012

::thoughts on motherhood [5 tips for cultivating a good attitude in your little ones]::

1. wake your children with a silly song and give them time to get their insides awake.
durgin, 2 years old, usually wakes and plays in his crib around 7am. he's a happy camper from the first light of day. eisley, nearly 5 years old, is a different story. if she is allowed to wake up on her own she is a happy girl. if i have to wake her, like most week days to get ready for preschool, she does not like that one bit. so as to make her re-entry into reality a bit less harsh i sing silly songs like "the cows get up in the morning" or "this old man" or "you are my sunshine." i open her blinds and let daylight spill in and give her a few more minutes to enjoy the warmth of her bed.

2. breakfast is served with a smile and comments about it not being her favorite are ignored. it's simply the morning grumpies and i have to give her time to come out of them. her bible book follows us to the table and she chooses which story to read while she and durgin enjoy a yummy breakfast. this has been great for me because it calls me to the table. to sit and be still and enjoy my darlings instead of washing dishes and sweeping up and prepping lunch.

3. immediately after breakfast we continue with our morning routine. potty, brush teeth and comb hair, get dressed and put coat and shoes by the door. once these things are out of the way they are free to play until we leave for preschool.

4. i encourage her to reach out to someone different each day at school. we talk about bullies and those that don't have many friends. she watched the Grinch a couple of weeks ago and that has become a reference point for the effects of love on a bully or someone unkind.

5. i make sure to recognize and comment and encourage when i see she is acting out of love. in turn, i give lots of grace when she does not.

what do you do to encourage a loving heart and attitude with your little ones?


  1. Those are fantastic ways to create a positive attitude in your child. I love that you serve breakfast with a smile. I always make sure I have one on when I get my little ones up.

  2. As a new mother I LOVED this. Thank you!

  3. I love the last note: responding to her with Grace when she acts out of love.

  4. These are wonderful tips- I'm storing them away for the future! I so love seeing your family photos on IG... Even catching glimpses of your daily routine is such an encouragement to me, and gives me ideas of what I'd like my home to be like. Thanks for sharing! :)


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