January 16, 2012

::crafty mccrafterson [valentine's day edition]::

i'm a big fan of hoop art and all the fun things you can create using a simple hoop and a couple pieces of fabric. so i thought up a little something that eisley could put together and display during the valentine's season.

step 1.
i cut out a ton of hearts in different sizes from colored felt. i did this during eisley's rest time so all of her supples would be ready to go at craft time.

step 2.
cover your hoop with a piece of felt and lace across the top. easy peasy.

step 3.
bust out the mod podge, paint brush & hearts and let the little one go to town on placement.

step 4.
let dry.

step 5.
i added a few stitches using an embroidery needle & thread just for a little more color.

super fun and easy craft that you can alter to suit your taste.
happy valentine's day!

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  1. How sweet :) I love it & how fun to make with your daughter! <3 Ashley (your newest follower)


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