January 13, 2012

::communion [four year old style]::

she set-up the tea party during her afternoon rest time, also known as, my work time.
she peeked her head out of her room a number of times announcing the deliciousness that awaited me. her excitement enticed me. i couldn't wait to finish working and enjoy what she had laid out.

i walked in and there was an empty chair with a lamb pillow pet on top  for me to sit on. she informed me that she was sitting on a kitty cat pillow pet. in front of me were tea cups and plates, sprinkles and cupcakes, an orange for her and an apple for me. we talked about the days happenings and then enjoyed our goodies in our best pretend characters.

we realized her friend, an old porcelin doll gifted to her by grandma, had joined us at the table and we had not offered her anything to eat.
where are our manners?
i broke my apple in half and gave our guest a portion and thanked eisley for making enough to share. she broked hers in half and said:

"this food is like god. broken for us."

eucharist, in its most beautiful form....led by my four year old.

"eucharisteo-thanksgiving-always preceds the miracle"
-ann voskamp


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.