December 9, 2011

::beauty in the distance::

the fourty minute daily commute gets long and old. i pass the time with the help of these guys:

there is a particular spot in my drive where i top a tall hill and descend into the foothills of the mountains. hitting this spot is the highlight of my drive.  the blue ridge mountains come into clear view. it's glorious all on it's own, but yesterday as i anticipated this spot, looked out, and breathed in the majesty of the creator, i saw something more. something more beautiful than the sight that woos me every day. out in the distance, past the initial beauty of the blue, i could see snow caps. just a slight dusting to but enough to notice.

beauty beyond.
beauty beyond where i am now.
it's there. in the distance. within reach. all i have to do is keep going.

do you feel weary?
do you feel overwhelmed?
do you feel like each day gets harder?
like you cannot go on this way for one more minute?

keep going friend.
there is beauty in the distance.

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