November 8, 2011

::thoughts on friendship::

the sound of rushing water soothed as we approached the cabin in the pitch black of night, only our headlights to guide the way.
finally inside, fireplace blazing, pj's on, games commence and laughter emerges.

laughter is healing and breaks down walls.
bonds are built through laughter.
comradery established.
laughter joins hearts and minds, overshadowing insecurities that lurk in the darkness.

friendships treasured.
knowing each other more deeply through shared hugs and conversation.
receiving them whole, in love, no judgement or criticism.
a safe place to be a mom, a wife, a woman.

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  1. Oh my, your prose is touching and your photos, stunning.

    Is it too trite to say "oh my" again?

    Too bad- oh my!


  2. So sweet, weekends away with friends are so refreshing.

  3. Ok, sign me up for all of that.

  4. Weekend get aways are the best when it's shared with great friends! And great friends are hard to find!

  5. I agree with Liv! Sign me up for THAT!!


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