November 16, 2011

::thoughts on motherhood: boy mama edition::


he wakes up early now.
time change is no good for little ones.
he asks for breakfast as soon as he wakes, then daddy.
juice with the lid off he says, so big.
he eats in his dinosaur pajamas, mickey by his side.
he talks and talks but i only understand half of it.
though i cannot understand every word, i love the talks we share, the time we spend together.

he will be small for just a minute.
he will only say hold me a few more times.
he will only say mommy for a little while before i become mom to a man.

i want to be present for every last little boy moment.
making memories with every stride.

when he's a super hero i want to be his side-kick.
when he rides horsey's through the house, i want to ride along.
when he rides his bike i want to be his spotter.
when he learns something new, i want to be his cheerleader.
when he laughs, i laugh.
our hearts blending to one.

this is me....mama to a boy.

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  1. EEEEE! I love the guitar-holding picture. What a little man.

    The small moments, they are so fleeting. I wish I had taken more videos in the small days because it's so easy to forget the words and turns of phrases. So, so sweet.

  2. i love love love this! it gets me even more excited about having my little guy!

  3. he is SO precious! makes me want a little boy of my own. xo

  4. With tears threatening to spill over, I thank you for reminding me that I need to ride along, because he's only going to be galloping through the house a little while longer. Blessings.


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