October 6, 2011

::things i love thursday::

{{watching my children grow in their friendships}}

these girls are the daughters of my closest friend (the one in the middle is mine). i met their mother, krissy, in college and didn't give her a second thought. she was cute with the roundest cheeks and sweetest smile and freckles to boot. i was snobby and self-absorbed, finding my way. little did i know she would become my dearest friend.

or that her husband would become my husbands great friend. or that our girls would share secrets and play chase and dress up for hours on end. or that god would bless us with baby boys to pal around and balance it all out.

we are teaching our children to be good friends through our friendships.
we are teaching our children to push through the difficult moments and conflicts by keeping peace ourselves. they will become good friends to each other and others if they see us being a good friend to each other and others.
we are teaching them by living it out.

how are you teaching your children about friendship?

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  1. their eyes, always watching. their ears, always listening. their minds, always absorbing.


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