October 7, 2011

::love looks like... ::

laying in the grass on his blanket from childhood made by his grandmother that they will never know. head propped against his leg. the girl beside me drawing a picture to her far-away-friend. the boy riding big vrooms on the driveway. he softly strokes my hair and we talk about our day.

pushing the little guy on the bike because those darn short legs he inherited from both mommy and daddy just won't reach.

helping her get her name just right on her picture to her friend. embracing her enthusiasm by stuffing it, stamping it, and putting it in the mailbox same day.

horsey races round and round the island in our kitchen.

holding hands for prayer with the only word you can understand the little guy saying is AAAAmen! but a prayer still, he is learning.

the embracing of the every day.
the embracing of every happy, sad, difficult, fun and joyful moment.

what does love look like for you today?

1 comment:

  1. baby boy's arms reaching out as far as possible to be held by mommy...two little girls snuggled under blankets, one on each side of my lap...little girl practicing hospitality in her own way by caring for her company's "boo boo"...


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