October 31, 2011

:the story::


it begins with early morning cries from the boy. our time together has a starting place. he asked for cheerios in a language only mommy can understand. then a follow-up question, always expected, "where's daddy?" this kid is crazy about his daddy.

i start the chocolate chip muffins, a sunday morning ritual of sorts.

then the coffee....always coffee.
while waiting for it to brew strong i mix up cream for topping. my children know this sound and come running for the sweetness left on the beaters. they lick away all that is left and stand with faces covered in sticky goodness.

they not-so-patiently wait for the timer for the muffins to alarm. when it does, each takes their place for the warm-gooey goodness.
they have been served and i have loved serving them.

i sit, finally, coffee in hand.
thoughts about last nights bible reading with eisley flood my mind. the prodigal son and how her bible book pointed out that  jesus told stories so people could know what god is like.

i wonder, does my life tell a story that shows others what god is like?

these are the thoughts that fill my day.

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  1. how beautiful! i am wondering/struggling with that thought too. if a stranger were to encounter me, would they see the love of christ and know for certain i am saved? thank you for your beautiful post.


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