October 27, 2011

::jesus was NOT a theologian::

"a friend of mine, a fine story-teller, remarked to me, 'Jesus was not a theologian, He was God who told stories.' Yes. God who told stories."

-madeleine l'engle

i am not a theologian. i often find myself intimidated when people start using words like doctrine and eschatology and apologetics and the "have to believe's" of christianity. i think it can divide and cause discord and end friendships. actually i don't think it can, i know it can. i have seen it first hand.

but a story?
a story unites. 
there is something about someone saying "me too" that brings rest to a weary soul.

i have a story.

i have a story about growing up without a dad.
i have a story about being raised by a single mom that raised 3 kids by herself.
i have a story about being a teenager seeking love making good choices and bad ones.
i have a story about dating the wrong guys.
i have a story about marrying the right guy and still being in love 8 years later.
i have a story about motherhood changing my life forever.
i have a story about a girls bible study in my home that taught me more than it could have ever taught them.
i have a story about church politics and the hurt it causes.
i have a story about jealousy.
i have a story about friendships- some good, some bad, some eternal.
i have a story about discovering god's involvement in every day life.

i have a story.
we all do.
i will share many of mine here over time but today....

i'd love to hear a piece of your story.
will you share??

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