August 29, 2011

::what leads to deepest happiness?::

"we are in deepest happiness in the posture of the grateful worship"
-ann voskamp

eyes open as light peeks through the window.
morning brings a new wave of responsibility. a new list of things to do.
a late start never helps slow the day.
throwing back the covers making my way to the shower while my mind fills with all that will have to be accomplished- followed by the overwhelming urge to sleep more.

shower, make-up, ironing, dressing, all to the soothing sound of ocean waves through the monitor. babies sleeping restfully. content. safe with not a care in the world.

then i remember the one i carry.
i sit- thankful.
the to-do list no longer in the forefront of my mind. gratitude takes over.
i count each blessing. each precious gift.
happiness takes over.
i begin my day in grateful worship.

how about you sweet friend? how do you get into grateful worship?

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  1. Ahhh this is beautiful! Thank you for the reminder. I awoke with a sense of God's grace! His mercies are indeed new each morning!!!


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