August 24, 2011

::a mommy who says {yes}::

recently i read this post and this post about saying {YES} to our children.

so in response to these readings i said::

yes eisley, you can play dress up.
yes eisley, we can be fairies and chase each other throughout the house.
yes eisley, i will come see what you have created, right now.
yes eisley, you can have one more minute to play.
yes eisley, we can snuggle and watch a show before bed.
yes eisley, we can read two books tonight.
yes eisley, you can sleep with 357 toys tonight.

and what did i get in return??

yes mommy, i'm coming to the dinner table.
yes mommy i will try everything on my plate.
yes mommy, i'm coming to the bath.
yes mommy, i will help durgin.
yes mommy, it's time for bed.
good night mommy, i love you forever.

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