August 18, 2011


a friend shared a neat, impromptu, learning exercise that she did with her children at dinner a couple nights ago. since dinner is the one time of day that the whole family sits down together and can talk and share i jumped at the chance to make it a little more interesting for my little ones.

i told eisley i would give her a word and she would create a sentence with that word. and then she would give daddy a word and he would create a sentence adding to her story. then daddy would give me a word and i would create a sentence adding to the story.

eisley is 4.5 years old so it took her a few tries to get the concept. but in moments, it just clicked and sentences were formed. she did not quite understand creating a continuous story with all of our sentences but that's okay it was fun anyway. we giggled and gave lots of high fives for creative sentences. even durgin who just turned 2 would cheer and jump in for encouragement even though he had no idea what we were doing.

this simple exercise made dinner totally fun!

sooooo.....i was hoping you guys could share some dinner-time-fun that goes on at your place!

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