July 20, 2011

::change in perspective::

she was simply sharing what was on her mind. the things she has been wrestling with over the last few weeks. the joys. the sorrows. the triumps.

you could hear the passion in her voice as she talked about their studies and her precious girls. you could hear the gratefulness for her recent epiphony on how to interact with her girls.

"they desire to see our silly side," she said.
then she went on to desribe the game time they had the night before that ended with rough housing with daddy and lots of family giggles.

they were bonding.
oh they are a tight-knit family to start but they bonded all the more just by having fun. letting go of the have-to's and focusing on the needs at hand. the need to engage with their daughters. the need to show their silly side. the need to be free from the demands of life for just a short while.

it was a phone conversation.
she wasn't calling to tell me i should be doing more of this with my family.
she was simply talking about life.
she doesn't know the impact that little talk had on this ol' mama.

i went straight home and i played... i played a lot!
i often come home from work and get caught up in all the things that must be done before bed. get dinner started. clean up. baths. tidy the house. etc. it's a short window of time. there are never enough hours to embrace my darlings like i truly want to. but last night....all agendas went by the wayside.

we played horses and chased all around the house. my daughter makes the best horse sound!
we played and epic game of hide and seek.....until the little one joined in- he likes to hide with me and say my name over and over again...stinker!
we read books.
we played dinosaurs and they were trapped in a cage (a.k.a. the crib).
the little ones wrestled and giggled as i looked on, heart over flowing at the discovery of what happens when mommy has fun.

have you had fun with your darlings today?


  1. Such fun and wise advice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This stuck with me all day! This afternoon I was playing with my kids though, and I fell asleep in the tent! Haha.

  3. I love this. Thank you SO much for sharing! This is really encouraging to me, plus I loved reading the games you played. I run into ruts of not knowing what to play with my toddler. I am so encouraged.



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