June 9, 2011

::intentional summer::

i love warm weather, pools, sprinklers, lemonade, watermelon and homemade ice cream. all of these things scream summer to me. and i am a summer girl. give me sunshine and i am a happy camper! this summer my kiddos are four and two years old. just old enough to really enjoy all the lovely things that come with summertime. so i want to make sure we have an {intentional summer}.

{intentional summer} just means that we plan for things. we make fun happen. we make our moments special. so i have found tons of summer fun in which to indulge. and thank god for the wisdom of others mothers because i couldn't come up with all this summer goodness on my own.  so...here are some links to super fun summer activities! if you know of more links please let me know!

The Motherload by Amy Clark
Impress Your Kids by Amanda the awesome
Tip Junkie (this one says memorial day but could totally be used for July 4th

those should get your started!
have a wonderfully {intentional summer}!!

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