June 13, 2011

::the one where we were not afraid of snakes::

we navigated the woods like survivor man.
snakes? psht. spiders? whatever.
no fear.
only wander and enjoyment.
trees to climb.
clubhouses to build.
creeks to explore. mud between toes.

we hopped rock to bankside using trees as balance beams across the water.
we walked from dawn to dusk with no cell phones or survival packs.
we carried only our imagination and our mothers' voice to call us home.

we picked strawberries from their garden.
sneaking bites behind their mothers' back.
smoothies...fresh fruit, ice, milk and sugar. oh for the love of yum!

we jumped on the bed. the big fluffy feather bed - high and loud - until he came.
their dad. unhappy with our adventure and ruckus during his nap (he worked nights).
i went home early that day.

checkerboard countertops.
apple trees.
bicycle rides down the hill with one on the handlebars. that is until bike met hole. tire bent....hidden for years without discovery in the barn.

sweetness lies in those memories.
memories of play.
wide open play.
this was my childhood.

tell me about yours?

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