June 8, 2011

::what do crayons and good behavior have in common?::

for a small window in time my four year old decided to go through her "terrible two's" stage.  in the midst of this season we realized two things. one she needed more one on one time with both mommy and daddy. two we needed to implement a rewards system in hopes of redirecting her focus.

so hmmm....what do we have in the house to use for her rewards jar?
ah yes... a mason jar and crayons. we have TONS of crayons!

and so the reward system began. she gets crayons for things like first time obedience, manners, kindness, making her bed, cleaning up her toys, etc.

when she reaches 10 crayons she gets to pick a treat from the "treat bowl."

the treat bowl has candy, suckers, and fun little treats. we do not do sweets on the regular around here so this is a BIG DEAL to my little one. you should see her savor her treats.  it's precious.

so for us....positive reinforcement has been just that...positive.

what are some ways you encourage good behavior in your children?
do you have a rewards system in place?


  1. Hi Melissa,
    I love this!
    II was just wondering I you've done Gowing Kids Gods Way? You speak of First time obedience, one of the things that really stuck for us after completing the course.
    xx Stacey

  2. Love this post! :) Great idea!


  3. Ha! My 4 year old daughter is going through that stage right now! Thanks for the ideas!!!!


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