May 24, 2011

::in my heart::

she picks every flower.
she does ballet twirls...hands above head.
she sleeps with her babies every night.
she needs a night light.
she's learning to be patient with her baby brother.
she's learning to be a good listener.
kindness is growing in her tiny little heart.
she cares for others.
she is aware that some do not have what we have.
she's learning to bless others by her actions and words.
she tells me she loves me, unprompted, at least once a day.
she draws pictures of our family....and bugs. she loves bugs.
she loves princess movies & the rusty belly robins on our porch.
she swings on her own now.
she dreams.
she talks & laughs & sometimes yells at her brother in her sleep.
she plays. oh how she plays. princess. house. school. doctor.
she likes to have her toenails painted.
she says please and thank you.
she hates to go outside but loves to be outside and doesn't want to come in....same goes for the bath.
she loves books and memorizes them verbatim.
she knows the names of tons of dinosaurs and says them better than i do.
she sits close to me on the couch.
she holds my hand when we walk.
she tells me she will never stop loving me.
and i will never stop loving her.

what's going on with your kiddos?
what part of motherhood are you enjoying best these days?


  1. My Bees are enjoying warmer days!Reading to me(6). Learning to write her name and counting down to her birthday(3). Singing to the world with the big finale. (2) Being a real little boy by being rough and fearless. (16 months) They all are teaching me to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

  2. this is so precious. it's gotten to the point where whenever i see a baby (like i did today) i can't stop staring at them. i used to say i would never get married and i would never have children.

    and now here i am, listening more and more every time my ovaries scream out at me.

    and then i read posts like this and it makes me realize that i was meant to be a mom, even though i always said i never was.


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