May 27, 2011

::i'm in...all in::

some days i come home from work and i. am. pooped.
i am greeted by two very excited kiddos!
they jump up and down and yell "mommmmmy!" and give hugs and kisses endlessly...most days.
i'm tired.
they are not.
i want to sit.
they do not.
i want quiet.
they do not.
and that's okay. i suck it up and jump in to play time.
it's moments like this that make it all worth while.
just 15 minutes on the trampoline is heaven to my little ones.
just a little fun before bed is all they ask.
look at that magic.
what i would have missed if i had chosen to rest. sit. and be quiet.
no-way-jose. i'm in. all in.


  1. too cute for words! this one will be at his wedding!:)

  2. you rock. i'm all in too ... but i do love nap time! for baby and for me;)

  3. That face! So sweet! Good reminder. Even though I'm at home and not in the work force outsidte my house, I still struggle with feeling like this. I've gotta be all in.


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