May 31, 2011

{knock-knock...who's there? owl's...}

owl's who? that's right owl's hoo!
{just a little humor that my little one and i share each night}

how about a little something {fun} today?? I made a couple of these little {hoot owls} for eisley & she loved them!

i've seen these adorable little owl's floating around everywhere. i'm totally facinated by the whimsical look of them all and thought i would try making one.

i drew a little pattern of what i wanted it to look like.
don't laugh.
seriously...stop laughing.

then i cut out my pieces:

2 blue and gray polka dot pieces for the body
2 pieces of interfacing matching the body
2 rounded gray script pieces for the wings
2 gray felt circles for the eyes
2 gray script pieces for the inside of the eye
1 little triangular gray piece for the nose

next i sewed the wings on with an extremely imperfect zig-zag stitch. following by the eyes and nose. and when i say imperfect...i mean imperfect. but i think it gives the little fella character.

then i stitched the two large pieces together, right sides facing.

turned it right side out and stuffed it full of poly-fill.
finally i handstitched the bottom closed.

and ta-da...we have an owl!

happy stitching!


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