April 18, 2011

::understanding the way to peace::

spending time in reflection as we enter holy week.
yesterday the following passage was dramatized in our church service :

"how i wish today, that you of all people would understand the way to peace" luke 19:42

it spoke volumes to my soul.
"...understand the way to peace..."

peace:: [peec]:: freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety and obsession; etc. tranquillity, serenity

in contemplation i realized, for like the billionth time, that i allow many things to keep me from peace. daily stresses,  some of which are attributed to simply by personality. i'm high strung. i obsess. this make the desire for peace that much harder. wanting. just wanting.

wanting to be a stay-at-home mama.
wanting to be the perfect mommy.
wanting to a clean home....all the time.
wanting to rest but not knowing how to be still.
wanting to nurture friendships but lacking the time.
wanting definitely keeps the peace at bay.

so today. i will refocus.
i will count my blessings. i will write them until i get to 1000 gifts and then write some more.
every day.
wanting less with each written word.
understanding the way to peace.


  1. i'm pretty sure you stole the words right out of my heart. thank you for your honesty, my heart is really grateful the encouragment! :)

  2. i've been wanting to read that book :)

    what a beautiful post...there truly is much to be thankful for!
    have a blessed week...


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