April 19, 2011

::understanding the way to peace:: {day 2}

spending time in reflection as we enter holy week.
sunday the following passage was dramatized in our church service :

"how i wish today, that you of all people would understand the way to peace" luke 19:42

it spoke volumes to my soul.
"...understand the way to peace..."

{respond vs. react}

respond: to react favorably
react: to act in an opposing or contrary manner

just the mere definition of these words brings deep longing for change. i react a lot.
but i have a friend who is queen of responding. for the fifteen years that i have know her she has always taken time to step back, evaluate the situation at hand and respond. i cannot think of a single time that she has simply "reacted."  she understands the way to peace. she is a peacemaker.

if someone says something that is out of line. she comtemplates: is this just part of their personality? what were the cirumstances surrounding the incident that may have brought abnormal behavior from this person? she thinks before she speaks. and she speaks peace. to them. to me. to her children. to her husband. she speaks peace.

am i speaking peace?


  1. Thank you for this! My Husband calls me the "nuclear reactor." I definitely struggle with this and strive towards speaking peace and modeling peace for my daughter.

  2. What a great post. I think I react alot too but Praying each day for the ability to respond. Thanks for sharing this! very inspiring


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