April 15, 2011

::hooray for the weekend::

it's fridaaaaaaay!
and it has been one of those weeks.
but i am super excited because my sweet hubs is taking me to see derek webb and jars of clay tonight! hooray for date nights!!
the rest of the weekend will be spent with my sweet babies, my camera (if it doesn't rain), my sewing machine and hopefully some books.

what are your plans for the weekend??


  1. oh have fun at the concert! sounds like fun!
    my weekend is uneventful :)
    have a blessed weekend!

  2. That sounds like a great date night and the perfect weekend. We don't have any plans which always is great for Saturdays:-)

  3. How exciting! Did you have fun.
    Jars of Clay was my first EVER Christian music CD. And I love some Derek Webb.


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