April 20, 2011

::understanding the way to peace:: day 3

spending time in reflection as we enter holy week.
sunday the following passage was dramatized in our church service :

"how i wish today, that you of all people would understand the way to peace" luke 19:42

it spoke volumes to my soul.
"...understand the way to peace..."

too often words are abused. and abusive. they are overused and unnecessary. we talk too much most of the time. we say things that don't need to be said. we wound with words. the very things that were meant to bring healing.

we choose our words.
we choose to breathe life with words or cut to the bone.

we can make peace with our words.
we can encourage with our words.
we can show love with our words.
we can break down walls with our words.
we can speak out about injustices with our words.
we can bring change with our words.

or we can do just the opposite.

what will you choose today?

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