April 22, 2011

::endure the rain::

knucles white as i tighten my grip on the stearing wheel. i hate driving in the rain. nerves take over and every moment feels like i'm slipping. about to loose control and spin into a fatal destiny. i worry. i look for the end. i keep pressing forward. the only way out is through. through the rain. through the darkness and fog that hovers so low i can hardly see. through the turmoil that overtakes me.

it goes on forever...or so it seems.
when will this end?
surely i'm through the worst.
surely there is clarity over this hill....or the next...or the next.

and then when i am over it. about to pull over and wave my white flag to say i cannot continue. there it is. sky peeking through the clouds. just barely but i can see it. i can see the end. my shoulders are less tense now. i know it is almost over. the worst is past.

i see green. everywhere green. lush green trees and beautiful flower blossoms.
all around beauty.

it's the rain that gives life to those trees.
it's the rain that brightens that shade of green.
it's the rain that fill the flowers full so that blooms emerge.
it's the rain that makes it beautiful.
without the rain, there is no growth.


  1. Beautiful post. I love to the first pretty day after a few rainy ones.....everything is so fresh & green. Amazing.

  2. That was beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing that and for leading me to your blog. It will be fun getting to know you better!!



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