April 6, 2011

::never forget moments like these::

sun sets,  barely shining through the blinds.
he sits tucked on my lap. tired. rubbing his eyes as we rock.
baby skin soft and sweet smelling.
he watches as she dances and twirls in the doorway.

her nightly performance of tricks and treats.
dancing. then hopping on one foot. she's so proud.
then a prayer. so sweet.

god, thank you for my baby brother.
that i get to play with him.
help him dream about lovely things.
in jesus name, amen.

a few more snuggles and giggles.
his head falls into that nook between my neck and shoulder.
i love that spot.
i squeeze tight then lay him down.

these are the days.
these are the moments in time i never want to forget.
i am storing them in my heart.

what moments are you treasuring right now?


  1. Miss seeing your sweet face on the blog. In fact, I miss blogging! It's been a crazy season, need to exercise those writing muscles again. Hope you are well, lovely friend xoxo

  2. So beautiful.

    I am really looking forward to moments like this with my future children.

  3. when my baby girl gets so sleepy she turns her head into the nook o my arm and nuzzles until she falls asleep. It's pure joy!!

  4. Melissa,
    The way you take the time to cherish moments with your children is so special! It makes me realize how much I have let slip by and I grieve what I missed by being in such a hurry and worrying about life...things I have no control over. Thank you so much for sharing your moments in a blog...you are such an inspiration to me!!!
    Love ya,


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