March 14, 2011

my new motto...

this is my new motto.
okay stop laughing.

i know i am that chicken running around with her head cut off type.
i know i'm a little...okay, a lot, OCD.
i know i don't know how to sit still.
i know i have a to-do this daily and nothing will do until it is complete.
i know all of these things about myself.

and i know it is often an ugly sight. but ann voskamp's inspiring words have put things into perspective. words like:

"life is not an emergency. life is eucharisteo."
"give thanks...slow time down with all your attention- and your basket of not-enough-time multiplies into more than enough time."
"wherever you are, be all there."

it will change a girls heart.
i want "to savor long whatever time holds."

so today i will play. i will give thanks. i will slow down.
because "haste makes waste" and the last thing i want to do is waste time.

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  1. love this! slow down. i need some of that in my life!


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