March 15, 2011

::and we have a WINNER::

i happy to announce the winner of the dayspring $20 gift certificate is...


My absolute favorite way of showing love is in my 2 yr old class on Sunday nights and to the 2 precious girls that I get to babysit. I get to hug, and love, and squeeze, and tickle, and giggle all over those sweet babies. Every Sunday night [or when I get to watch the girls] God reminds me of the love of a child. I try my hardest to show them how much they are loved, but I am always out-loved by them. I strive to love people and God like a child loves, but I fail miserably everyday! I have so much to learn from such tiny hearts!

By Hanna on ::happy saturday & a giveaway:: on 3/12/11

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  1. YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

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